Base Training

CESSNA 525 & 560 XL/XLS
KING AIR 90-200

AMC2 ORA.ATO.125 (k)(1) Training programme

(k) Aeroplane training with FFS

(1) with the exception of courses approved for ZFTT, certain training exercises normally involving takeoff and landing in various configurations should be completed in the aeroplane rather than in an FFS. Unless otherwise specified in the OSD established in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 this takeoff and landing training should include:

(A) at least four landings in the case of MPAs where the student pilot has more than

500 hours of MPA experience in aeroplanes of similar size and performance


in all other cases, at least six landings;

(B) at least one fullstop landing;


(C) one goaround with all engines operating.

This aeroplane training may be completed after the student pilot has completed the FSTD training and has successfully undertaken the type rating skill test, provided it does not exceed 2 hours of the flight training course. Only normal flight operation procedure applies. Training of any A&E items are strictly forbidden.