Operational manual

You need to have suitable and for your Organization

  • Air Operation Commercial „AOC“
  • Non Commercial Complex Operation „NCC“
  • and also Approved Training Organizations „ATO“, or FSTD- Simulator training provider tailored manuals


You must proof to your national CAA, compliance within your Operation Manuals A- B- C- D-

  • Compliance handbook
  • Safety Management handbook
  • Emergency Response Plan „ERP“
  • Organization Management Manual „OMM“
  • certain Training manuals „TM“, Auditschedules, Audits forms, etc., etc….“almost endless list of requirements“…..

Our highly qualified and experienced Team of Aviation Subject Matter Experts „SME“ is willing to help and assist you with your personal and individual tailored future administration work, definition of your Organization required „Compliance and Safety Management statement „Just culture principle“; fully compliant…..much more to come….

You will need to implement items such as e.g.

  • Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)
  • Cosmic Radiation Protection Programm (Strahlenschutzprogramm)
  • UPRT issues
  • PBN issues
  • NAT-HLA (previous MNPS Airspace)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • maybe some AltMoc for yoru Organizations, Dangerous Goods, report of Incidents or Accidents
  • special Airport training and qualification, etc.

Forms and Informations on this page are just showing the extrem small portion of possible foms and applications……we (our Teammates) are capable to assist you and help with your upcoming questions.