Teaching and Learning // Train-the-Trainer (SFI-(A)- / TRI-(A)- part 1)

Are you a captain or First Officer who would like to share expertise and experience with other pilots? In compliance with EASA-FCL.930 (a) (1) requirements, BAFS offers individual and practical qualification for pilots who wish to become a Type Rating Instructor (TRI-A-) or Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI-A-), valid for all TRI / SFI type- & class rating qualifications.

In addition to subject-specific topics, issues relating to knowledge transfer will be focused on and explained such as teaching, personality, communication, feedback and evaluation.

Talking is not listening / telling is not understanding / saying something does not mean effective communication / observing does not mean confirming / sender — receiver principle…


FCL.920 part 1 contents:

prepare resources-create a climate conductive to learning-threat and error management (TEM)-Crew Resource Management (CRM skills)-non technical skills (NOTECS)-present knowledge-monitor and review progress-evaluate training sessions-facilitate learning-assess trainee performance-time management to achieve training objective-documentation and document the training outcome-


Prerequisites: FCL.905 / .910 / .915 / .930 TRI-(A)

An applicant for a TRI (A) certificate shall:
(a) hold a CPL, MPL or ATPL pilot license on the applicable aircraft category;
(b) for a TRI(MPA) certificate:
(1) have completed 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes; and
(2) have completed, within the 12 months preceding the date of application, 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings, as PIC or co-pilot on the applicable aeroplane type, of which 15 sectors may be completed in an FFS representing that type;


Prerequisites: FCL.905 / .910 / .915 / .930 SFI-(A)

An applicant for an SFI (A) certificate shall:
(a) hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category;
(b) have completed the proficiency check for the issue of the specific aircraft type rating in an FFS representing the applicable type, within the 12 months preceding the application; and
(c) additionally, for an SFI(A) for multi-pilot aeroplanes have:
(1) at least 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes,
(2) completed, as a pilot or as an observer, within the 12 months preceding the application, at least: (i) 3 route sectors on the flight deck of the applicable aircraft type; or
(ii) 2 line-orientated flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the applicable type. These simulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning and de-briefing;
Course content (FCL.930):
Part 1: 25 hours Teaching and Learning / Train the Trainer (4 days)
Part 2: …(pending on type- or class)….hours Technical Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
Part 3: …(pending on type- or class)….hours Flight Instruction (CS-FSTD)
2 hours Assessment of Competence (CS-FSTD) and or on Aircraft Type- or Class

(a) Before operating, the flight crew member shall have received CRM training, appro- (a) priate to his/her role, as specified in the operations manual.
(b) Elements of CRM training shall be included in the aircraft type or class training and recurrent training as well as in the command course.