MCC Course

on e.g. Cessna 525 (CS-FSTD); Beechcraft 90-200 (CS-FSTD);

Approved Course as per EU- reg. 1178/2011; part FCL.510.A ATPL (a)(2) – MCC; FCL.735.A (a)(1)(2); (b); (c); (d); AMC1 FCL.735 Multi Crew Cooperation
FCL.735.A Multi-crew cooperation training course – aeroplanes
(a) The MCC training course shall comprise at least:
(1) 25 hours (5 Days theory at BAFS ATO) of theoretical knowledge instruction and exercises;
(2) 20 hours (5 Days theory at BAFS ATO) of practical MCC training, or 15 hours in the case of student pilots attending an ATP integrated course. An FNPT II MCC or an FFS shall be used. When the MCC training is combined with initial type rating training, the practical MCC training may be reduced to no less than 10 hours if the same FFS is used for both the MCC and type rating training.
(b) The MCC training course shall be completed within 6 months at an ATO.
(c) Unless the MCC course has been combined with a type rating course, on completion of the MCC training course the applicant shall be given a certificate of completion.
(d) An applicant having completed MCC training for any other category of aircraft shall be exempted from the requirement in (a)(1).