Revalidation SEP – MEP

Revalidation of e.g. SEP(land) and MEP(land); (mainly on any variant, e.g. Piper, Cessna, DA-42-, others) Classrating

The theoretical & practical exam – license proficiency check (LPC) in order to revalidate the e.g. SEP(land) or MEP(land); (mainly on all variants) classrating is subject to the provision of part FCL.740.A (b), incl part 625 IR revalidation.
LPC of e.g. CSEP(land) and / or MEP(land); (mainly on any variant) class rating shall be performed by one of our highly qualified and certified Class rating examiner – CRE(A) valid on type.
Revalidation of the SEP(land and or MEP(land) using regular the owner aircrafts.
In accordance with (Form – Appendix 9) to part-FCL, there is a period three months (90 days) before the expiry date of the current typerating to complete the revalidation exam – a license proficiency check – LPC, freeze up the date of previous expireration.
If the candidate successfully passes all of the EASA SEP(land) and or MEP(land) license proficiency check (LPC) items, the class rating for multi-engine piston aeroplanes – MEP(land) will be revalidated for the next 12 months (1 year), the class rating for single-engine piston aeroplanes – SEP(land) will be revalidated for the next 24 months (2 years).
The validity period starts by the day of the EASA MEP(land) license proficiency check (LPC) and ends up by the last day of the month in which the EASA MEP(land) license proficiency check (LPC) has been done plus 12 months; plus 24 month on SEP(land).
To fly as an pilot in command (PIC) on the another variant (so-called „type“) of the same class – in this case the MEP (land- multi-engine piston (land) the additional EASA flight training is necessary. This Approved EASA differences training, e.g. if your LPC test was performed on the Dcessna 340/421/414 etc. and you wish to fly on the Piper PA-34 / 44 Seneca / Seminole. In this case, the required additional training (familirization training), so called „Transition to another variant of the same class.“
EASA differences / familirization training is always required unless the applicant on that variant flown for more than two years, as directed by the paragraph FCL.710(b) as per part-FCL Regulation EU-reg. -1178/2011.