on SP(A) = single pilot aircraft
HPA = High Performance Aircraft
Complex Aircraft as per OEM holder (EASA Class-Type Rating List)

Approved Course as per EU- reg. 1178/2011; part FCL.930 MCC-I- (a)(1)(2)(3); (b); & AMC1.FCL.930 MCC-I- (a)(2)(c)
FCL.905.MCC-I – Privileges and conditions
(a) The privileges of an MCCI are to carry out flight instruction during:
(1) the practical part of MCC courses when not combined with type rating training; and
(2) in the case of MCCI(A), the basic phase of the MPL integrated training course, provided he/she holds or has held an FI(A) or an IRI(A) certificate.
FCL.910.MCC-I – Restricted privileges
The privileges of the holder of an MCCI certificate shall be restricted to the FNPT II/III MCC, FTD 2/3 or FFS in which the MCCI training course was taken. The privileges may be extended to other FSTDs representing further types of aircraft when the holder has completed the practical training of the MCCI course on that type of FNPT II/III MCC, FTD 2/3 or FFS.
FCL.915.MCC-I – Prerequisites
An applicant for an MCC-I- certificate shall:
(a) hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category; (b) have at least:
(1) in the case of aeroplanes, 1 500 hours of flying experience as a pilot in multi-pilot operations; (NOT MULTI PILOT CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT)
(2) in the case of helicopters, …
FCL.930.MCC-I – Training course
(a) The training course for the MCC-I- shall include, at least:
(1) 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction; (TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSE)
(2) 3 – Days (BAFS ATO); technical training related to the type of FSTD where the applicant wishes to instruct; incl. practical training & testing, e.g.
  • Health & Safety briefing SIM ops (Insurance item) ➢ »SIM / ATO / student file paperwork issues
  • SIM / IOS user manual intro
  • Malfunction addendum intro, others…..
(3) 5 / 6 hours MINIMUM at (BAFS ATO) of practical instruction, which may be flight instruction during any specific Type Rating; or MCC instruction on the relevant FNPT II/III MCC, FTD 2/3 or FFS, under the supervision of a TRI, SFI or MCC-I- nominated by the ATO Head of Training for that purpose.
After these hours of flight instruction under supervision the assessment of the applicant’s competence as described in FCL.920 will be conducted.
FCL.920.AMC1 Instructor competencies and assessment
All instructors shall be trained to achieve the following competences:
  • Prepare resources,
  • Create a climate conducive to learning,
  • Present knowledge,
  • Integrate Threat and Error Management (TEM) and Crew Resource Management (CRM),
  • Manage time to achieve training objectives, etc., etc.,
(b) Applicants holding or having held an FI, TRI, CRI, IRI or SFI certificate shall be fully credited towards the requirement of (a)(1) = 25 h teaching and learning.
  • Details of schedule will be given to each participant after successful registration and received payment