CRM – Crew Resource Management

  • EU-reg. 965/2012 ORO.FC. 115 AMC1 for Multi Pilot Operation
  • AMC2 for Single Pilot Operation
  • GM6 NON-Technical Skill Assessment
  • ORO.FC.120/130 Operator Conversion &amp
  • Recurrent Training
  • (initial and refresher training)
  • (HF Human Factor Training)

……from Captain Resource Management (CRM) towards Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) to Crew Resource Management (CRM) to Company Resource Management (CRM) to……



The introduction course is intended to provide participants with the basic knowledges of Crew Resource Management. Knowledges will enable participants to understand and utilize basics of optimum crew performance and interactions for the conduct of safe flights. Furthermore it is desirable to enable additional company staff (Management / OPS / Technicians) with these basic knowledges in the context of a total Safety management loop.


Target Group

The target audience for this course are the persons within the organisations involved in flight operations as prescribed and in addition the personal as listed like:

  • Flightdeck and Cabin (prescribed);
  • Accountable Manager of any approved AOC / / NCC / NCO / ATO company;
  • Safety Managers of any approved AOC / NCC / NCO / ATO company;
  • Technicians on top of any computer based training
  • Ground OPS staff
  • Ground Handling companies and their associated staff (awareness training) Ramp Agents (awareness training)
  • Load Master of CAO (awareness training)
  • National Aviation Authorities staff members (awareness training) ARO.GEN.200



If the operator chooses not to establish its own CRM training, another operator, a third party or a training organisation may be contracted to provide the training in accordance with ORO.GEN.205. In case of contracted CRM training, the operator should ensure that the content of the course covers the specific culture, the type of operations and the associated procedures of the operator. When crew members from different operators attend the same course, the CRM training should be specific to the relevant flight operations and to the trainees concerned.