Emergency Response Planning (part 1) and (part 2 consulting base by SME)

The introduction and workshop will explore the nature of aviation crisis management and recovery from the perspective of managers responsible forimplementingEmergencyResponsePlansand maintaining capability.
This workshop is directed towards several layers of staff within an airline who are related to emergency responses:
  • Higher management
  • Emergency response managers
  • Operations Control Centre
  • Communication department (e.g. IT) ➢ Legal department
  • Financial department
The following subjects will be introduced during the course:
  • What can be seen as an emergency and what can be seen as a crisis? ➢ Why create an ERP?
  • Steps in the planning process
  • Exercise 1: ground collision with limited damage
  • Exercise 2: ground collision with severe damage
  • Role of media and communication department
  • Identification of personnel and of passenger requirements
  • Identification of the tasks at the home base of an airline and of the tasks at an out- station
  • Situation room and call centre
  • on Consulting base by SME Day 2, Part 2 = guided development for your own ERP Plan
  • part 1: 8 hours (1 day) for the class room & workshop (price 575,00 € per client) CONCULTING base by SME for Part 2 of the course
  • part 2 : 8 hours (2 day) including guided development out of a “draft version ERP” to get your own template ERP Plan, compliant to ICAO, EASA, known SSP, several N.A.A regulations.


  • ICAO Doc 9481, Doc 9859, Family Assisting
  • EU- reg. 965/2012
  • EU- reg. 1178/2012
  • EU-AMC1 ORA. / ORO.GEN.200(a)(1);(2);(3);(5) Management system
  • EU-AMC2 ORA. / ORO.GEN.200(a)(5) Management system