ICAO english language proficiency check

Recurrent training and checking to maintain your ICAO language level 4 (4 years valid) or level 5 (6 years valid) as pilot or ground Ops staff / Flight Dispatcher
ICAO requirement / german LuftPersV §§ 125 & 125 a in cooperation with 3. DV LuftPersV; EU-reg. 1178/2011 FCL.055
  • Ground Ops staff requirements ICAO Doc 7192-AN/857 part D-3 training, EU-reg. 965/2012 ORO.GEN.110 ( c )
  • N.A.A. – LBA RS 02-2018; others……..
  • Pilots (PPL-CPL-ATPL- iwth and without IR) part FCL.055, level 4 renewal every 4 years, or level 5 renewal every 5 years. Our language assessor(s) are highly qualified and authorized under our N.A.A. (LBA) to conduct level-4 checks alone with the candidate, or level-5 checks as a Team of two (2) language assessors with the candidate.
  • Level-4 no prior appointment required, test duration approx 1,5 hour
  • Level-5 appointment is required to assure two (2 ) assessors will be avlb on your examination date, test duration approx 2 hour