TRI / SFI (A) Type Rating Instructor Refresher Training FCL.940 (a)(1)(ii)

EU-reg 1178/2011-Part FCL. 940 is asking for any revalidation of a specific TRI(A) to complete 2 of the three revalidation requirements,
BAFS ATO is fully compliant to deliver refresher training for revalidation on the so far following Aircraft Types

  • Cessna 525 / TRI / SFI
  • Cessna 560 XL/XLS/XLS
  • Beechcraft 90/99/100/200/250 (s)
  • BD-700 (s)
  • Gulfstream VI (650)
  • others to come…..

Face to face seminar at least 6 hours of learning, var topics…such as (1) relevant changes to national or European Union regulations;  (2) the role of the instructor; (3) TEM, (4) NOTEC; many others.

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FCL.940.TRI / SFI Revalidation and renewal

(a) Revalidation
(1) Aeroplanes. For revalidation of a TRI(A) certificate, the applicant shall, within the last 12 months preceding the expiry date of the certificate,
fulfil two (2) of the following 3 requirements:
(i) conduct one of the following parts of a complete type rating training course:
simulator session of at least 3 hours or one air exercise of at least 1 hour comprising a minimum of 2 take-offs and landings,
(ii) receive instructor refresher training as a TRI at BAFS AT.ATO.171,
(iii) pass the assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935, at BAFS AT.ATO.171-with one of our acting TRE(A) / Senior Examiner