Revalidation Beechcraft King Air

Revalidation of e.g. Beechcraft King Air 90/99/100/200 (any Avionic variant) Typerating

The theoretical & practical exam – license proficiency check (LPC) in order to revalidate the e.g. BE- 90/99/100/200 (all variants) typerating is subject to the provision of part FCL.740.A (b), incl part 625 IR revalidation.
LPC of e.g. CBE-90/99/100/200 (any variant) type rating shall be performed by one of our highly qualified and certified Type rating examiner – TRE(A) valid on type.
Single pilot operations versus multi pilot operations (EU-reg. 965/2012)
The EU-reg. recognizes two different ways of operating the e.g. CBE-90/99/100/200 (all Avionic variants) airplane. For pilots who operate the plane within the Hawker Beechcraft 90-200 serie, under single-pilot operation / SP-ops are different requirements than the Hawker Beechcraft 90-200 serie under multi-pilot operation / MP-ops.
All this requirements are clearly mentioned in the OEM holders and published OEB / OSD Report.
In addition to the license proficiency check – LPC of the pilot operating under any EU-reg. 965/2012 certified Operation (AOC, NCC, NCO) may be extended by their own different trainings described in the Company Operations Manual, Part-D, i.e. Low visibility take-off (RVRof e.g.150 m), special trainings for the airports (Lugano – LSZA, or Steep App qualification on London – City EGLC, Winter Ops, etc) or the either seat qualification, ORO.FC.235.
Revalidation of the CBE-90/99/100/200 (all Avionic variants) using regular one of our CS-FSTD to integrate as well the UPRT issue (as far as applicable), ORO.FC.220/230 ff.
In accordance with (Form – Appendix 9) to part-FCL, there is a period three months (90 days) before the expiry date of the current typerating to complete the revalidation exam – a license proficiency check – LPC, freeze up the date of previous expireration.
The BE-90/99/100/200 typerating entitles the holder to fly the multiple variants of the BE- 90/99/100/200 airplane within the scope of the EASA type certificate datasheet (EASA TCDS). In accordance with EU-reg. 1178/2011 and the provisions FCL.740 (a); incl. FCL.625 IR, the validity of the BE-90/99/100/200 type rating is 12 months (1 year).
Hawker Beechcraft BE-90/99/100/200 typerating entitles the holder to conduct flight on the following BE-90/99/100/200 variants requiremed difference familirziation training as per OSD Report and FCL.710, valid for 24 month:
  • BE-200/B200
  • BE-C90A/B/GT
  • BE-C90/90-1
  • BE-E90
  • BE-F90/F90-1
  • BE-90/A90/B90
  • BE-200PL21/B200GT/250
  • BE-C90GTi/C90GTx